From beans to cup, our commitment sets us apart

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About Us

Our state-of-the-art, 6000 m2 production plant allows us to handle the entire roasting, grinding and packing process within a closed, fully automated system that guarantees consistent aroma and flavor profiles as well as highest hygiene standards for all of our products.

Analysis And Cupping

Our expert staff at our modern laboratory facilities perform meticulous quality checks and trials of each production batch in order to exactly meet consumers’ expectations for a particular aroma.

Roasting And Cooling

Our state-of-the-art roasting facilities allow for the development of novel coffee flavors and specialty coffees while computer-controlled, fully automated roasting units ensure that each party of beans is roasted uniformly and to the exact specifications required during this critical stage. At the end of the roasting process the beans are shock-cooled in order to lock in the full aroma and are then passed on to the storage silos.


Milling is jointly overseen by our laboratory staff and milling operators, who make sure that the ideal fineness of grind for the different types of brewing method – Turkish, espresso and filter coffees – is achieved. A water cooling system inside the grinder helps keep temperatures low during milling, thereby preventing loss of quality and aroma. The milling process is also conducted in a fully sealed environment for optimum quality and hygiene.


The ground coffee is transported via air-flow ducts from the silos to the appropriate packaging unit. All packages are vacuum-sealed to minimize loss of aroma and freshness. We offer our clients a range of different packaging systems and sizes as well as customized solutions to address their specific packaging requirements.